“I went to see Rich while going through a long season of anxiety and depression. He had an incredibly compassionate and comforting demeanor but also challenged me and gave me practical steps so that I could be proactive in my healing process. I have seen much fruit in my life since my time with Rich and I feel better equipped to handle challenges that come my way. I am so thankful for him and would highly recommend him to anyone desiring counseling! Rich is a great counselor and also a gift from God!”

-Matt B.


“I am grateful for the direction and added clarity that I have received at Sky Counseling Center with Rich Painter. He has encouraged me to delve deeper into areas of my life that I was not very mindful of, and this has helped me to be more emotionally transparent and honest. This tremendously added to my personal healing.”

-T. Byrd


"My husband and I did our pre-marital relationship coaching online with Rich. The sessions were very good for us. Rich helped us identify what our strengths and weaknesses were in our relationship and we still use the problem solving techniques we learned during our sessions.  He also helped us understand what it truly means to be in relationship with someone, all while making us feel completely comfortable and relaxed.  We both highly recommend his services."  

-Holly and Jonathan L.


“When I first came to Rich, I had come from a long background of counseling and emotional healing. I thought I knew it all, and there wouldn’t be anything “new” Rich would be able to show/teach me during my time in counseling. Through Rich’s counseling techniques, I have gained so much more knowledge about myself, reflecting on the past, present and future and have really started peeling back the layers of repressed emotion and uncertainties with life, in new ways. I may have a ways to go, but healing began from the start.”

-Ginny S.


“Rich has been a blessing to me and my family.  My teenage son was visiting inappropriate websites on a daily basis and had anger issues that no other counselor seemed to be able to help him with.  Rich’s calm demeanor and approach, with the help of our Lord and Savior, created positive changes in my son that created a harmony in our family I never thought I would see.  Thanks Rich for everything you did for us!”

-Barb T. and family


"My wife and I sat down one day and realized that we would like to communicate better, so we found Mr. Rich Painter at Sky Counseling Center.  As we walked in the first day, we were welcomed warmly and he got right to work developing a relationship with us, utilizing God's words through him as healing.  My wife and I have experienced amazing results emotionally connecting and simply enjoying one another's company through his service.  We have experienced other clinician’s methods, however Rich’s approach was that of God and filled with patience, love, understanding and professionalism.  He was understanding of our schedule and worked with us.  Thanks to what he did uniquely for us, we truly see that we are best friends before husband and wife."

-Mike and Beth T.


“In the past few months, Rich has helped me to reframe some anxiety-provoking situations and to develop a plan to counteract them and negative thinking.  This has been a positive and beneficial experience to participate in this process.  Rich is very professional and is able to quickly identify the issues on a personal level. I would recommend Rich to anyone who is seeking a Christian counselor and/or therapist.” 

-Barbara B.


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