Are you ready to make positive changes that will ultimately transform your life, your relationships, your dating, your career, your health, your confidence, and your future?

Life coaching is an on-going collaborative partnership built on taking action. The focus, energy, and attention are on helping you achieve your goals. The life coach acts as a totally objective, non-judgmental, supportive ally to help you conquer your self-imposed obstacles.

Life coaching services may include face-to-face coaching, online coaching, or telephone coaching. You can be located anywhere in the US or outside of the US.

Life coaching typically starts with a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about your situation and to see what you are looking for. Through a lot of experience, it's been found that coaching sessions provide the momentum to implement solutions and make changes.

Stop measuring your life by other people's expectations. Call or text 904-800-8553 for a free 15 minute phone consultation if you're ready to live up to your unique potential.

FEE: $40 for one 25-minute session, $75 for one 50-minute session, or $250 monthly for four weekly 50-minute sessions per month.

**Warning: Before choosing a life coach, dating coach, or relationship coach, ensure the coach you have selected has extensive training in psychology or mental health. Extensive training would be considered to be at least a masters degree in marriage and family therapy, psychology, counseling, mental health, or social work from an accredited institution as well as receiving clinical supervision from a licensed mental health practitioner. Providing advice, counseling, and coaching to people is serious business. Coaches impact lives directly as those individuals coached often follow their coach’s recommendations.  Receiving subjective/objective information from an untrained professional has the potential to be dangerous. Please consider utilizing a life coach or life consultant that is a licensed mental health practitioner or someone with commensurate training and expertise.